2. Anonymous asked: I unintentionally hurt your feelings the other day, and I'm very sorry.

    Who is thissss
    I don’t remember my feelings being hurt so it’s definitely okay

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    I feel like this picture needed to be on Tumblr.

    I hate nick cage

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    god gave us two hands for a reason

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    While Meddle is regarded as one of Pink Floyd’s best albums, it’s often criticized for it’s cover, which depicts an ear underwater while the water ripples represent sound waves. Graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, who’s known for creating the covers of most Pink Floyd albums (as well as others including Led Zeppelin’s Houses Of The Holy, Muse’s Absolution, and Styx’s Pieces Of Eight) designed this cover as well.

    According to Nick Mason in his memoir Inside Out, Thorgerson initially suggested that the cover be the anus of a baboon. The band vetoed the idea, and while touring Japan suggested that it’d ought to be an “ear underwater.” Thorgerson went with the suggestion, but the result ended up being his least favorite Pink Floyd album cover, going on to say “I think Meddle is a much better album than its cover.” 

    The inner gatefold, on the other hand, contains possibly one of the most widely-known photos of the band itself. It was the last time a photo of the band’s classic lineup appeared in any album.

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    girl gangs make me swoon so hard

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